Scientific projects

Ongoing projects

Completed projects

  1. Presidential grant MK-7865.2016.6 (2015-2016): Dating monuments of Russian iconography from the 14th-17th centuries using dendrochronological and radiocarbon methods.
  2. Presidential grant MK-7354.2013.5 (2013-2014): Long-period climatic variability and extreme events in northern and central European Russia based on reconstructions from dendrochronological data.
  3. RFBR grant, No. 12-05-31126 (2012-2013): New methods for standardisation and direct reconstruction in dendroclimatology.
  4. Grant from the Russian Science Foundation, No. 14-17-00645 (2014-2016): Reconstruction and prediction of drought frequency in the centre of the East European Plain using dendrochronology and climate modelling data. (in charge of O.N. Solomina)
  5. RFBR grant, No. 14-46-03077 (2014-2015): Analysis of climate dynamics in Kaluga Oblast using dendrochronological, historical and phenological data. (in charge of I.V. Boldin)
  6. Presidential grant MK-3895.2014.5 (2014-2015): Cloudiness in the Arctic: interannual variability, causes of change, impact on temperature regime. (in charge of A.A. Chernokulsky)
  7. RFBR grant, No. 13-05-41058 (2013-2015): Contemporary Summer Warming in Russia: Circulation Mechanisms, Regional Manifestations and Environmental Consequences. (in charge of V.V. Popova)
  8. RFBR grant, No. 13-06-12033 (2013-2015): Dendrochronology of towns of Medieval Rus': system-statistical analysis of databases of dated wood samples. (supervised by A.A. Karpukhin)
  9. RFBR grant, No. 13-05-90306 (2013-2014): Paleoclimatic indicators of Abkhazia. (in charge of O.N. Solomina)
  10. RFBR grant, No. 12-06-00358 (2012-2014): Sources of construction wood from archaeological and architectural monuments of the Solovetsky Islands according to dendrochronology. (supervised by A.A. Karpukhin)
  11. RFBR grant, No. 12-05-31098: Creation of a subfossil and fossil spore-pollen database for the territory of Russia and neighbouring countries.
  12. State Contract No. 8337. "Cascade effect" of climate change impacts in Russia's mountain and polar regions: a comparative geographical analysis, justification of adaptation measures
  13. Presidential grant MK-875.2011.5: Changes in ice reserves in the North Caucasus since the mid-20th century.
  14. Humboldt Foundation grant. A Historical Impact of Climatic Variations in the Russian Arctic during the Last Millennium (2012-2013).
  15. RFBR grant, No. 11-05-00728: Assessment of the volume of glaciers in the North Caucasus and its changes since the mid-20th century.
  16. RFBR grant, No 11-05-10074: Organisation and execution of fieldwork in the central part of the East European Plain to create a millennial "Moscow" regional chronology.
  17. RFBR grant, No. 11-05-00304: Creation of a comprehensive palaeoclimatic reconstruction for the North Caucasus based on analysis of glacial core and width of tree annual rings.
  18. RFBR grant, No. 10-06-00479: Problems of palaeoecological reconstructions of Upper Paleolithic open-air base camps.
  19. State contract No. 02.740.11.0342: "Large-scale atmospheric circulation as a factor of modern climate change in Russia", under the Federal Target Programme "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia".
  20. Grant RFBR, No. 09-05-00982: Creation of a continuous millennial Moscow tree-ring chronology and its paleoclimatic analysis